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Customer Success as a Revenue Engine

26 November

NinetyThousandHours hosted an interactive webinar in partnership with Success Methods on Customer Success as a Revenue Engine

why watch this webinar?

The webinar was hosted by Rob Forsyth and Gemma Butler from NinetyThousandHours and the discussion on Customer Success as a Revenue Engine was led by Ian Robson and Matt Rumins from Success Methods

Throughout the live event, audience participation and engagement was incredibly high with many Customer Success Leaders asking great questions around how to structure their departments in order to maximise cutomer value while increasing revenue for the company.

There was a lot of insight from the Polls showing how many CS Leaders still feel that they have a huge opportunity to transform their departments into a revenue engine. 

We talked about what a Revenue Engine is and what it looks like. We talked about The Customer Success Equation, the benefits of a Revenue Engine and tackled many brilliant questions throughout the event.

We also covered The Revenue Roadmap:

  • Activity

  • Performance
  • Capability
  • Product analytics
  • Outcomes
  • Renewals
  • Advocacy

And much, much more...



Watch the full video here



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