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How behavioural profiling can impact your culture

4 SeptemberBy Rob Forsyth

For many years in meeting with a wide variety of media’s top CEOs, Business Leaders and Heads of Talent I’ve always asked, ‘How would you describe your culture’? Answers have varied ranging from ‘positive, energetic, driven, entrepreneurial, fun, social’ and even the one time when a CEO honestly said, ‘No idea’. The list goes on, but here’s the thing, they are words. Adjectives to be precise – describing words. And when you think about it, describing something as important as the culture of your workforce with a bunch of adjectives is, frankly, pretty poor. It’s 2019, we are in the age of AI and machine learning. We are engaged with millennial workforces who are early adopters of technology and science. We live in an era of fact over belief. So why have most businesses not done more to address their culture. 

Why is this important?

Our cultures define our beliefs and values. Understanding this is essential to effective, positive interaction with those from other cultures, avoiding the projection or imposition of values and ensuring the acceptance of diversity in hopes, fears, allegiances and a wide range of other factors.

OK, so your culture is the pulse of your business, its heartbeat. If you are running a sales floor, you need to be in tune with the rhythm and pace of your workforce. New employees coming in need to see and feel this rhythm. Moreover, in any team environment you will have complementary personality types from leaders to extroverts to specialists and they too need to be tasked to work in the right way to get the most out of them.

So how can you do that if you cannot pinpoint exactly what your culture looks like?


What is culture?

Culture was described as the way people behave, so think about this; if you have a clear grasp on the framework of your culture using behavioural science and technology that is constantly learning and
adapting through AI, then you will be able to hire people that match that behaviour.
In doing so, you are setting yourself up for success. Why? Because they will enjoy working there. Their true behaviours and how they like behaving are a match with what your business is demanding of them, so they will enjoy the work. Fact. Moreover, when you have a workforce that enjoys the work, they are engaged, they will perform better, work harder and stay longer.

How we can help:

At NinetyThousandHours we have built a product, NTHi where we help businesses understand their culture using behavioural science. Through this product, we are able to profile TOP PERFORMERS, identify miss-matched hires and ultimately help businesses tune in to their true culture with scientific pin-point accuary.The benefits will reduce attrition, allow them to become much better at hiring and save valuable commercial time and money.

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