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How to be better at selling digital media

14 JuneBy Gemma Butler

What is so different about selling digital advertising compared with other media?

The digital sales person can easily become more focused on the latest innovations in technology, bidding and measurement and many are guilty of forgetting about their client and their broader business objectives. In short the digital advertising sales person can forget to put the customer first.

There are some cardinal rules to being the best at selling digital media. We decide to share them with you here:

Resist the urge to blabber on about your product!

You might have the most amazing whizzy product in the world, which you are excited to tell your client about - but if you do not bother to find out what their needs are, you may as well save your breath.

As with any sales you need to focus on your client. Find out, what are their objectives? Who are their audience and what does success look like to them? This way lies the beginning of a good relationship.

Be patient with your client and educate them.

Do you ever have clients who just ‘don’t get’ the digital capabilities and therefore will not buy. Frustrating that they don’t share your passion in the amazing tech and sophisticated logarithms that your company can offer. You need to educate the client and speak to them in their language.  You need to be a trusted advisor and hold their hands through the sales process.

But do be bold enough to challenge your clients. They may be stuck in less-sophisticated measurement methods simply because of a lack of understanding about newer informative methods and advanced analytics. Your clients should see you as their translator or guide around the digital world and if you always take your opportunity to educate them, you will succeed and ultimately sell more.


Don’t just focus on digital. You need to understand how digital can work for the client alongside other solutions.


Internal communication is key – it’s a team effort!

In digital there are no hiding places. Whether it’s a high impact branding campaign or a performance drive campaign it will be trackable. This means that you need to have the internal support of a great ad-ops team. You need to leverage those important internal relationships to make the campaign run smoothly. In traditional media once the deal is done, the ad appears and it’s out of your hands. In digital the deal being signed is just the start of your customer’s journey with you.  From the moment the ad launches you need to monitor it, run it and make it work for the client. This means you’ll need regular analytics updates and constant monitoring and tweaks to get the best performance possible.  And for this you need a great team.

Develop an understanding of how digital works as part of the whole marketing mix.

Finally it’s important that you don’t just focus on digital. You need to understand how digital can work for the client alongside other solutions. Ask them about offline success and any gaps they have, show them how digital can plug those gaps and help them achieve their overall goals as part of the marketing mix.

Ultimately you need a deep understanding of how the end user consumer consumes media and digital advertising and help your client see how they can use your products to reach them.

Put it all together and, as a digital sales god, you’ll be fighting them off.

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