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How to be confident in your media interview

5 AprilBy Rob Forsyth

Interviewing is all about confidence. Its your first step to showing your potential employer how great you can be (without being arrogant, of course). Being confident comes from within, and it’s a belief of yourself or your product and services. This means that you can’t fake it. Being confident doesn’t mean walking into the interview thinking you’re the big “I am”, it just means believing what you do and knowing that you’re great at what you do.

So, what can you do to make sure that nerves don’t get the better of your confidence?


Making sure that you have done your research for your interview will mean that you’re fully prepared for anything that they ask you. The research should of course include background information on the agency, the client and the type of work that the agency is currently doing for the client. You should have an opinion on recent campaigns, competitors and what can be improved for the client through media.

You should also do research into the types of questions that they may throw at you and how you’re going to come back at them. If you’re looking stumped when they ask you a question it definitely will not be the best sign of confidence. Knowing as much as you can about the company and what they might ask will give you a sense of confidence as it is. You’ll know that you have done all of the research that you possibly can for the interview, so you know that can’t let you down.


Have you had a look at your own CV or LinkedIn profile recently? Do you remember that job you did a few years ago and are you able to talk around what value you added at the time?  Or how about the course you did at Uni and what you did your dissertation on?  Make sure to not forget to go over your own background and career history. Giving yourself the once over will remind yourself of projects that you have done in the past that you can bring up in the interview and give you greater confidence.

LinkedIn and Social Media

Learn more about the company and the interviewers by checking them out on social media. You have their names, so give them a check on LinkedIn to find out more about them. For example, how long they have been in the business and what their role is. Checking their social media page will allow you to see what kind of presence that their company holds online, and you can find out lots more about them too, by the types of things that they’re posting.



It’s important that you know all of your statistical information from your last or current role, because this will definitely come up. All media agencies will want to know what level of responsibility you have had, how you performed and how you handled measurement for your clients.  Being able to come to the interview with all of the information will immediately impress them, and you’ll feel confident in yourself because you have cold hard facts in front of you to back to you up!


Dress like you mean business. Wearing an outfit that you love and you feels works well will immediately make you feel more confident and like you mean BUSINESS!

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