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21 JanuaryBy Rob Forsyth

We’re all busy, I get that.  If you are hiring right now or are about to embark on a piece of recruitment for your business, the easiest thing to do is repeat what you’ve always done...

Dig out the old job description, forward onto your internal recruitment team or to the recruitment agencies on your preferred supplier list, sit back and wait for the CV’s to come rolling into your inbox.



The world has moved on, nearly every other process in your business has moved on and so should your recruitment process. 

First up, recruitment agencies should now be offering you significantly more than just a CV and a 100-word write-up trying to convince you to meet the candidate. But hey, that's for another article which you can read about here.


Instead, the first thing that you should do if a vacancy arises in your team is STOP, THINK and ANSWER THIS ONE QUESTION...


“What are the top three objectives that this position must deliver on in the first 12 months?”

One step back, two steps forward

There is a natural, negative reaction when one of your team hands their notice in. It’s never nice and especially hard if this comes out of the blue from one of your trusted team members.

But I say ‘flip-it’ change your mindset and channel your energy to look at this as an opportunity.  Hiring is not ‘filling a job’ or ‘putting a bum on a seat’. Hiring is an investment.  Think about that. An investment. When you are considering hiring, whether through growth or replacement, this is an investment in your business. You need to look at the lifetime value of the role and map this back to the first 12 and 24 months objectives.

Hiring is an investment, so you need to make the right decision first time. Especially if you are a small business, you cannot afford to get it wrong.  Again, that’s for another blog – How much does a bad hire cost your business.




Four major reasons why you need to do this:

Here are a handful of benefits that you will reap by taking a step back and analysing the role before you motor forwards trying to fill it:

  1. It allows you to assess what your business needs are first
  2. It allows you to reflect on what your team needs
  3. Repeating what you have done before can only, at best, achieve what you have before. This doesn’t move you forward; it just maintains the status quo.
  4. By focusing on the outcomes first, you align your recruitment process directly with your teams’ goals and objectives. This allows you to hire based on performance and moves you away from hiring based purely on personality and likability.

Hiring the best starts by defining the real work involved, not by looking at skills or experiences, but the challenges and critical deliverables expected of a top performer.

Lou Adler


When you are analysing the role and devising your job description, interview & selection process, remember that to attract the very best in market - Top people are looking for growth, challenge, and learning opportunities, not just another job.

All Grade A talent in the B2B intelligence, media and events industry are fully employed, happy and engaged in their current role. They likely have forged strong relationships with their colleagues and managers and so they are unwilling to spend time wading through job board postings or responding to spammy InMail’s on LinkedIn. ‘I read your profile with interest and have an amazing job opportunity to discuss with you…wank wank wank!’

While top performers will be open to exploring new opportunities, their process for doing so is far different than that of the typical candidate. It’s more measured, based on an open exchange of information and an evaluation of their long-term and short-term situations in balance.

In order to attract and hire top talent, a company’s sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting processes must be modified to meet their unique needs. And this is what we do here at NinetyThousandHours, and this is one of the key ingredients that we use to help our clients hire better people first time which ultimately reduces cost of hire, saves valuable commercial time and significantly improves your staff retention rates.

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to design a hiring process that will attract the highest calibre of applicants for each role within your team, right? Great! The thing is, however, far too many traditional hiring processes aren’t shaped to deliver the consistent results that your business really needs in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

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