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What qualities make a great media salesperson?

1 AprilBy Gemma Butler


There are lots of unique individuals in the media sales world, all with different qualities. Some good, some bad. However, typically there are general qualities that make up a great sales person. These may not always be true, but if you’re looking for a new job in the media sales field, then you should definitely take a look at the below to see if you’re matching up with the qualities that they’re looking for. This isn’t to say if you only have half of these skills you’re going to be a terrible media salesperson, but from experience, this is what we have typically found.

1. Constantly planning and preparing – a great salesperson is always thinking what’s in the pipeline, and what they can get next in the pipeline. A great salesperson knows that if you’re not thinking ahead, then once you’ve made a new deal (and haven’t been thinking about the next one) then you’re going to have to start all the way from the beginning again!

2. Make the most – Great media salespeople ensure that they’re making the most out of every millisecond in their day, because they know it’s important. Time is money!

3. See it as a business – If you’re a great media sales person, you’ll know that your desk is actually your business. You’re working on commission here (as well as your base), so you want to make as much money as possible. You MUST take control and see your desk as your business, rather than purely working for somebody else, because that’s when you can get lazy.

4. Listening is key – More often than not, salespeople will think that talking is the way forwards to win business and it’s a great form of communication. Well, they’d be wrong. Listening and asking questions is the most effective way to communicate with a customer and to ensure you can close the deal. The more you know, the more questions that you ask, the more prepared you will be…

5. Manage expectations – A great media salesperson will never over promise and under deliver, because of course, that’s bad salesmanship. They know that if they under promise and over deliver, they will exceed the client’s expectations, and they will be thrilled! Of course, don’t promise TOO little, because you still want to bag the client.

6. LOVE to sell – It goes without saying (in any area of business) that if you LOVE what you do, and you have passion about what you do, then more effort goes into it. If you love to sell as a media salesperson, then you’ll be obsessed with helping your customers and growing their business, getting the best for them.

7. Stay away from energy vampires – The most successful of people tend to surround themselves with likeminded people to stay positive. Being around energy vampires will only turn others negative, and you definitely don’t want to be in that frame of mind in the sales environment, because business will suffer.

8. Don’t need managing – Media salespeople who are successful don’t need micromanaging. They know they need to constantly push themselves, and good is never good enough.

9. Not give up – Just because a prospect has said no to you, doesn’t mean you should give up. That’s what great salespeople know. They know that “no” means “not now” and if you keep yourself memorable, they will buy from you in the future.

10. Thrive off of objections – They are able to work around absolutely anything and need objections as not only a challenge, but a great way to reassure clients.

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