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Which type of sales consultant are you?

4 AprilBy Gemma Butler

There are many types of salesperson, and you’ll find them in every sectors (not just media and advertising). Within each different type of salesperson, they will have their own unique selling point, and their style of sales MAY work for them (or may not, and need to change their approach), and they will stick to their style throughout their sales career. Each type of salesperson can be a winner in their own rights, whether you see them as immediately negative, or even positive.

Let’s take a look at some different types of sales people and their pro’s and con’s…

The pushy sales rep

Pro – They will keep going until they win a sale. Pushy media sales reps tend to not take no for an answer, and can quite usually get the prospect to say yes (whether they actually mean it or not is something else).

Con – Pushy sales reps can be extremely annoying, and you’ll find they’re calling and emailing their prospects non-stop. This can lead to them ignoring you and wanting NOTHING to do with you… The complete opposite to what you actually want.

“Laid-back, Luke”

Pro – With the laid back sales consultants, they tend to be the opposite to the above, therefore their prospects won’t feel pressured into buying anything immediately. These types of people tend to give their prospects a lot more space and time to think, before rushing them into a sale.

Con – These types of consultants may not necessarily be chasing their prospects enough. Somebody else more determine to win the business can come along and snatch it right out of their hands, because they have been too laid back to chase up and keep in touch with their prospects.

The scripted type

Pro – Usually, this type of consultant is a beginner or new to the business. They will do really well if their script is a winning script and has been tried and tested in the past.

Con – These types of consultants will sound very robotic and have no personality in their pitch. People buy into people, and don’t want to buy from people that sound like they’re reading a script… which, if you are, you’re fighting a losing battle. 

The winner

Pro – A winner will always shine through. They tend to be the best of the bunch, and a mix of everything. They’re not too much of any one thing, and they have combined their skills to almost win every prospect over.

Con – A winner can sometimes get a little complacent, leading them to not look after their current clients, thus losing them.

The arrogant consultant

Pro – There aren’t many pro’s of being arrogant, but the one in particular we would say is a benefit to this type of sales consultant is that they believe in themselves. Those who believe in themselves will be a lot more confident, and do tend to win more business.

Con – A con of being this type of salesperson is that you can easily be disliked, and a prospect or client will never like somebody who is “too arrogant”.

The keen consultant

Pro – Who doesn’t love a tryer? The keen consultant will always be willing to learn new things and always wants to be the best. They’ll usually be new to the business and want to soak everything up, like a sponge.

Con – A keen consultant may find that they’re only skimming the surface when they’re learning new things, because they want to learn so much and they’re trying to take in as MUCH as possible…

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