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You’re a talented Media Buyer or Comms Planner, but maybe you've hit the ceiling. Whatever your motivation, NinetyThousandHours is here to help.

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Don't waste another hour

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90,000 Hours

Is the number of hours of your life you'll spend at work

That's right. You will work for 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, for 47 years. If you’re lucky it might be less. If you’re really lucky you’ll get a job you love and it might be more. It's worth getting it right! That's what we're here for.

4,164 Jobs

for media planning on linkedin

How the hell are you expected to find the right role in that haystack? Chances are you’ll search for salary and location and hope and pray the right thing comes up.  Trying to get the right role, the one that you’d love, is like throwing a dart blindfolded and praying for the bullseye.

NinetyThousandHours knows how to take the chance out of the search. Because we have such great relationships with our clients. We take the time to truly understand each of our candidates and can help you make the perfect match.

90º Turn

ready to make a career change?

Maybe you want to move client side or start specialising in digital or comms strategy? Here at NinetyThousandHours, we put in the extra hours to make that possibility a reality.

This could mean planning your next two, or maybe three job moves to get to where you want to be. We’ve got the experience and deep industry knowledge to know how to guide you through that complex maze. We'll be your confidante and coach throughout the process.

32,396 Cups Of Coffee

... Or TEA that you'll have AT YOUR DESK IN YOUR CAREER

It’s worth making sure that you’re happy at that desk, and your job doesn’t make you want to make any of those coffees Irish. If it looks like it’s going that way, you should spend one of those breaks on the phone to NinetyThousandHours and change your career path forever. Oh, and don’t settle for any rubbish vending machine brews either - a great cuppa is a human right.

8 Hours

is the average time We spend talking to each of our candidates

It starts with really understanding your background, motivations and aspirations, but we might also help you sharpen up your LinkedIn profile or prep for your first interview. We’ve role played, been sounding boards for presentations and talked long into the night with candidates who just need that extra ounce of confidence before the big day.

Don't Settle

we passionately believe that no one should settle for a so-so job

You should have every opportunity to do what you love, and love what you do, every one of your Ninety Thousand Hours. We spend time with our candidates because we really care. We focus on the career you want, not just the job you are escaping from; that’s why, once you’re a NinetyThousandHours candidate, we’ll be with you for the long haul.

Job hunting is hard. When you read a job description it's often difficult to understand what the company’s culture is like. There are lots of unknowns and the recycled phrases you see never give a true picture. Ric was swamped with opportunities. I took the time to get to know Ric, helping him work out what was really important for him. I found Ric a company where his values matched theirs. It worked.

Rather than trying to sell me a role, Rob was genuinely interested in what I was looking for and the skills I had, rather than where he could place me. He was collaborative and honest throughout whilst developing a relaxed and comfortable relationship; something that is a genuine talent. Unsurprisingly he helped me land my dream job in a company I would be happy to work out my entire career. I couldn't be happier!

Your career is way too important to leave to chance. Take control and make the right move for you - for now and for the future.